I am very grateful to Michael Imas, not only because of the multitude of very profound personal insights I gained, but also about all the possibilities that opened up as a consequence of that, professionally and privately. This resulted in a massively enhanced congruency, integrated with previously completely unconscious parts of myself. All of that leads to an even better business success and a happier relationship with my dear wife and both of our kids. For every business owner out there: Get on Michaels waiting list NOW!

Philipp Schneider

Business Consultant
Dear Michael, It was a fun and heartfelt session. Cause of the authentic person you are, a light and trustful connection was easily established between us. Going through the motions was not difficult with you guiding me. You like to cut to the chase. I loved that, and truly believe that you are passionate about what really matters. Next to that you have a pretty good insight on what really matters in life. In conclusion, you are an amazing guy, who really knows what he’s talking about. I learned a lot in such a short time, and am sure that I will benefit from this in all areas of my life.

Josine van Lith

Founder of Mastercoaching International®
Another paradigm shift was to not only understand but also to have the experience of full responsibility for my emotional state. How often have I caught myself thinking "This person treated me unfairly and it's his or her fault that I feel bad right now" and then creating vast ammounts of "self-evident" justifications. No, it's nobody else's fault! I just projected everything I did not like about myself into others for the opportunity to stay limited without feeling guilty about it. [...] Thank you, Michael, for a clear mind with clear thought and actions.

Daniel Axmann

Physics Student
Before I started my coaching with Michael I always wondered, how I, on the one hand, described the circumstances of my life as good maybe even great but on the other hand didn't actually feel about it that way. I condemned myself because of this perception and I always considered myself a perfect candidate for a major life crisis. I felt like I was looking for answers but was unable to ask the right question. Through Michael's teachings this perception of life changed radically and as a felt consequence the circumstances of my life did also. Now I feel as happy and fulfilled as I couldn't have imagined before.

Paul Benne

When I became a client of Michael I didn't expect and wasn't prepared to get a deep insight on my emotions and on my handling of these like I actually got. When we had our first session I thought of this whole thing as a way to tackle specific problems and conflicts of my everyday life. But he was able to open my mind, clear my vision and deepen my whole understanding of my problems on a totally different level. With this new perspective and knowledge I no longer fear that these problems will arise again. Michael really knows what he talks about.

Even though I already studied personal development over the last five years, I never realized how much I hold myself back from being free, fulfilled and happy right now! Michael finally opened my eyes and taught me tools and techniques, which helped me to escape that vicious cycle of working more and more while hoping to become happy sometime when I am successful enough. Now I have complete control of how I feel every day. That's complete freedom in my opinion. Today I really take full responsibility for my life, my emotions, and my relationships as well. I am not a victim anymore, I am a creator of my life. Thanks a lot to Michael, who taught me all of that!

Marius Müller

Online Marketer