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Self Empowerment/Business Psychology – How to (not) procrastinate (any)more in three simple steps.

Whether a client is spiritually and psychologically very experienced, deep into personal development or just at the beginning of his journey, one question keeps rising up. It is about procrastination.

 “I know I should do *thing*, but I just don’t. And the worst thing is that I actually like doing what I procrastinate on. What is wrong with me?”

Personally, I tried every single possible time management I could get my hand on, and there were a lot. The results have been very inconsistent, from extreme productivity to weeks of despair about endless procrastination. “I know I should do *thing*, but I just don’t. And the worst thing is that I actually like doing what I procrastinate on. What is wrong with me?”

Authentic Happiness – Doing the things we “know” we “should do”

As I started in personal development many years ago, I felt bad a lot. A good portion of it was, so I thought, because I didn’t did the thing I “knew” I should do. I was sure of that because as soon as I finally started doing it , often after a long time of feeling terrible, I felt okay. So I’ve been confronted with three concluding thoughts.

1. I feel bad when I’ve not done the thing I “knew” I should do. I felt good when I did. Which leads to ->

2. Why don’t I do the thing I “knew” I should do more often, so that I felt happy all the time and be amazingly productive as a site effect? This leads to …

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Michael Imas, a.k.a. The Mentor of Spiritual Leaders is one of the youngest, highest-paid and most-in-demand advisers for personal, psychological and spiritual growth that goes beyond traditional personal development.

Michael is the founder of psycho-empirical spirituality and the inventor of the SPARC-Method, the world’s first and most efficient methodology for bypassing the destructive and self-sabotaging unconscious programming of the mind  – without any effort and in no-time.


Michael is specialized on working with spiritual leaders, highly sucessful and spiritual advanced entrepreneurs and anyone who want an even more fulfilled life transcending any emotional blocks or resistances left for their self-esteem and self-worth to suffer from.

Michael Imas is one of the extremely rare spiritual advisers, who has a radical way of cutting through the most critical limitations of his clients and resolving the root of the problem in a wink of an eye. His unique approach combines thousands of years of Zen wisdom with modern “Spiritual Hacking”-Techniques he created over years of intense studies and teachings.


If you’d like to contact Michael directly, please do so at When a break in his schedule makes it possible, he’ll get back to you within several days.


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