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Michael Imas is an expert in helping you get in touch with your innate clarity of mind, perception and emotions on the most subtle and nuanced level.

He is one of the rare advisers and coaches who has a radical way of cutting through the most critical limitations of his clients and getting to the root of the apparent problem in a wink of an eye. His unique approach combines thousands of years of Zen wisdom with modern “Spiritual Hacking”-Techniques he created over years of intense studies and teachings.

However, clients of Michael are well aware that there is never the need of any technique.


Michael is specialized in working with spiritual leaders, successful entrepreneurs (especially coaches) and anyone who wants an even more fulfilled life transcending any remaining emotional blocks or resistances.

Michael Imas is the founder of psycho-empirical spirituality and the inventor of the SPARC-Method, one of the most efficient methodologies for bypassing the destructive and self-sabotaging unconscious programming of the mind  – without any effort and in no-time.



If you’d like to contact Michael directly, please do so at michael[at] When a break in his schedule makes it possible, he’ll get back to you within several days.


If you’d like to interview Michael Imas for your podcast, blog, magazine, newspaper, event or any other media, you can reach out to his publicist directly at media[at]

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