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Real transformation is nothing to „achieve“ or „get“

It’s just a consequence of the realization of the true nature of a thing you called problem

Real transformation
is nothing to
„achieve“ or „get“

It’s just a consequence of the realization of the true nature of a thing
you called problem

Powerful Coaching    

I’m going to listen to you deeply, without judgement or agenda. We may connect on a deep level.

We’ll speak about your dreams, about what makes you smile and brighten up.

And if comes up what is in the way, we’ll have am exploration into the true nature of obstacles.

And yours may collapse in the speed of thought.

All of that happening is a living possibility. And it could be totally different. Lets find out. 

Working in the coaching and personal development industry for 25 years I have seen and encountered many coaches. However, the level of consciousness Michael speaks from presents an incredible mirror that allows you to look deeper into aspects of your hidden personality than almost anyone I know. Coaching with Michael is surely not for everybody, but for those who are open to have radical new insight into reality and to let go of resisting higher levels of insight.


World-Renowned Serial Entrepreneur, Speaker and Coach

Dear Michael, it was a fun and heartfelt session. Cause of the authentic person you are, a light and trustful connection was easily established between us. Going through the motions was not difficult with you guiding me. You like to cut through the chase. I loved that, and truly believe that you have a pretty good insight and are passionate about what really matters in life. In conclusion, you are an amazing guy, who really knows what he’s talking about. I learned a lot in such a short time, and am sure that I will benefit from this in all areas of my life.


Founder of Mastercoaching International®

When I became a client of Michael I didn’t expect and wasn’t prepared to get a deep insight on my emotions and on my handling of these like I actually got. When we had our first session I thought of this whole thing as a way to tackle specific problems and conflicts of my everyday life. But he was able to open my mind, clear my vision and deepen my whole understanding of my problems on a totally different level. With this new perspective and knowledge I no longer fear that these problems will arise again. Michael really knows what he talks about.


Medical Doctor

Stacking Emotions

In this short video, Michael explains the basic differentiation between content and context of Consciousness. He then continues with what happens if we have an emotion about another emotion (like feeling guilty about your fear) and how to dissolve the entire emotional complex effortlessly.


Michael Imas is an expert in helping you get in touch with your innate clarity of mind, perception and emotions on the most subtle and nuanced level.




Michael works with anybody who wants to get a completely new and fresh experience of life or part of their lives, connecting to their inner wisdom and having a deeper understanding of how the spiritual part of human psychology works.



If you’d like to contact Michael, please do so at info[at] When a break in his schedule makes it possible, he’ll get back to you within several days.


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